just a thought…

I found this cute little family-run farm by my son’s preschool. It’s called Dick and Jane’s Farm.  They sell beautiful flowers, plants and produce, as well as freshly made jams, jellies and other goodies.  Every week I shop there and am inspired by the fresh produce.  I get all sorts of ideas of dishes to create that week.  My kids love going and picking out apples and carrying around there own little baskets.  Right now I am also on the waiting list for their eggs.  I would get my own chickens if my husband let me, as we go through a ton of eggs in this household.  Eggs are a superfood, but I’ll rant more on that later…  I think it is very important to support your local farmers!  Not only cost effective, but the quality of produce is significantly better.  So please, take some time to find your local farmer’s market and be inspired!  And since all vegetables are naturally gluten free, go crazy with it!

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