dinner with friends

dinner with friends

Over the weekend I had my first official outing since I had my baby, Juliette 6 weeks ago.  It was a special night for many of the couples who have also recently welcomed babies into the world.  We got all dressed up for our dinner reservations at Michel Richard’s Central Restaurant in DC.  We had the lovely experience of dining at the Chef”s table, which allows us to see what goes on in the kitchen while enjoying our meal. Being the planner that I am, I had called ahead and explained my food restrictions and they advised me on which entree’s would be most suitable.  Most of these fine dining restaurants do not offer a “gluten free” menu, but because everything is usually made fresh and to order, they are much easier to work with and guarantee you will not be getting sick that night… With that information, I knew exactly what I would be ordering, the Loup de mer (sea bass) with mushrooms.  The presentation was beautiful and the simplicity of the fish was perfection. I love when chef’s know how to let the fish sing on their own, without adding a million overbearing ingredients!  Though I have to admit the smell of the freshly baked “cheese puffs” was a bit of a downer.  I really do miss flaky, fluffy pastries.  But with that being said, we had a delightful and delicious dinner celebration!  I highly recommend Central if you are ever in the DC area. 

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