Tree hunting adventures with the family!

Ever been to a tree farm?? Well in an effort to make the holidays extra special and memoriable I decided it was time to start creating family traditions.  I thought what a more fun way to get a tree than to cut it down yourself!  I had heard about this from several families we knew and had always wanted to go to a tree farm myself.  But when you have kids still in infant carseats or barely walking, they don’t seem to notice or remember going to the Home Depot parking lot to pick out a tree…  But now that my children are getting older, they can really appreciate the fun and beautiful experience of a tree farm and enjoy the ability to pick their own tree!   We decided to tag along with good friends and mentors, the Smith family for our first experience.

First you get a cart to carry your tree on, the kids had a lot of fun getting “rides” from Daddy.  Then you walk through what appears to be endless rows of trees…  it’s easy to get lost and separated in this forest!  The kids had a blast playing chase and hiding from eachother.

Something about this image of my daughter reminds me of Bella in Twilight…..

Somehow Micah got a hold of the hand saw….  this isn’t creepy at all…..

Here are the men, working hard.

Micah with his friend Colby, who he absolutely adores!

Trying to keep my baby girl warm….

Here she is!

Putting the kids to work…. then we warmed up with some hot chocolate and cider in the barn!

Ta-da!  Finally home, all lit and decorated!  There is something so charming about Christmas trees that makes me want to leave it up year round.  Wouldn’t that be fun!  Just think, you could dress it with bunnies and eggs for Easter…. On a more serious note, I think that fresh trees require more water, well that has been my experience at least.  The “thirstiest” tree I have ever had!  But also the prettiest. So just be sure to remember that wherever you get your tree, or who you get it with~  cherish that time together and enjoy the holidays!

* here are some tips for keeping your Christmas tree fresh and looking beautiful longer!

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