House Tour – Leah’s Eclectic Apartment

Last weekend I was able to have a girl’s weekend with 3 of my favorite gals: Leah, Ashlee and my 3 month old Juliette.  I was inspired by the eclectic design and use of new and old pieces. 

Who’s Place: the lovely Leah

Setting: up and coming Philadelphia, PA

The neighborhood is pleasant and welcoming.  You enter the building and go up several flights of stairs that seem to narrow as you go…  the quirks of old buildings that I don’t seem to mind. 

We spent most of our time in the kitchen.  And you can tell that this is a place she specifically made comfortable for entertaining her guests. A place for sipping hot coffee, cider, or wine, munching on cheese and salty roasted cashews.  It was a relaxing and peaceful time (if you were able to block out a fussy baby… lol)

I particularly enjoyed this cozy corner (pictured above left).  We were able to chat while preparing and sharing meals and drinking more coffee (Ashlee..) 

I love the open display of mixed tea cups and glasses…

The artful and practical display of aprons-

The use of bold pops of color-

Re-purposing of old pieces –

Details that make you “think”

A cheerful and quaint eating space –

and world -travelled art pieces –

So thank you Leah for welcoming us to your home and bringing inspiration to many!

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