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Welcome gluten-free friends!
Glad you’ve found your way to this little gluten-free world! I’m Michelle and my goal is not just to create gluten-free food that doesn’t sacrifice flavor, but also to create a space where I can share info that makes being and staying gluten-free easier! If you like the recipes you see and want to support a gluten-free community that spreads the message of a better health to those who may not even know why they’re hurting, join our Gluten Free Insiders Group today!

You’ll get special recipes, discounts on popular products, free giveaways, and much more!

To join, just send an email to with the following info:

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  • Your Gluten-Free Story (are you gluten free? why? when? etc.)

I’ll send you more information about the group and what it means to be a member once I hear from you. Until then… Happy eating!

Happy Holidays!


21 thoughts on “Gluten Free Insiders”

  • Hi Michelle.
    I LOVE your website. I was diagnosed with acute ulcerative colitis a few months ago. My GI specialist prescribed a steriod that I would be on forever. Well I needed to find a better alternative so I started researching UC relentlessly. I learned that the most likely cause of this problem is actually linked to food allergies. I have been studiing to be a nutritionist for several years and I was sure that I was eating the healthiest way possible. Well now I have to revamp my whole kitchen, and way of eating. I honestly visit your website numerous times a day. I set my laptop on my counter and follow your recipes. My whole family loves these recipes. Thank you so much. I tell everyone I know about your site.

  • I have Hashimotos and was diagnosed with RA initially and lived on steroids for 8 years…ugh… I need to be GF all the time and I fail frequently and then I suffer with severe inflammation in my joints with fatigue and foggy thinking… I am back on GF and hope to remember how bad I feel when I am not so I will continue to eat GF- I fail because I get frustrated with all of the flours and the multitude of ingredients to make a bread product and the taste and texture is gagging at times… so here I go- strictly GF- wish me luck!

    • To Jacqueline; I like you felt very overwhelmed and frustrated at times – trying to follow websites and recipes – but finally I knew that making things from scratch all the time was really not me. I finally found a brand of bread I can truly say I can make a sandwich with. Uid’s bread. I comes frozen – It is almost $6 a loaf – but it doesn’t crumble like some I’ve made and purchased. It is good toasted and if left out is great at room temperature.
      I have celiacs but also a dairy allergy. So that is two food groups I have to be watchful of. But removing a food group one must also remember to replace the nutrients with supplements. even staying away from wheat I became very sick – and finally diagnosed with a dairy allergy – along with B-12 and D deficiency so I am now on supplements.
      You are your best judge of your health – so if you don’t feel a medication or course of treatment is working for you keep looking – I’m having more good days now then bad – and less body pain.
      Good luck – but also speak with a good doctor who will check your supplement levels to make sure removing gluten from your diet you don’t end up becoming deficient and then start feeling awful again.

      • I have had multiple surgeries on my stomach and intestinal area. My body does not absorb the nutrients or vitamins when I eat, so I have been deficient for years prior to being a possible Celiac. I have been diagnosed GERD & PCOS, I was taking Nexium 40mg 2x a day. My mother watches the view and said she thought I should get checked for Celiacs, based on what Elisabeth would say. I had the blodd test and came back high (?). My Dr told me to remove all wheat and gluten from my diet and follow a hunter – gatherer diet. I have yet to have the colonoscopy, but I do my best for the most part to be GF and it is VERY hard. I feel better when I am completely free but I slip up frequently by accident or just because. I try reading and researching, but would love guidance as to how to find a Dr that is familiar with Celiacs and the multiple possible symtoms.

    • Hi Jacqueline,

      Look up the Blood Sugar Solution by Dr. Mark Hyman. It’s the Bible for Reducing body inflammation. He advocate Gluten Free Living for those with auto-immune responses like yours. Best of luck to you on your journey to health and healing.


  • love this site and thank you so much for the great recipes and for the information! look forward to receiving in my email…blessings for a wonderful day! <3

  • I am self-diagnosed gluten sensitive, found life improving by staying away from wheat, etc. and a passionate baker. Glad to find your site to help me bake, again!

  • My name is Jeni Warren I am 53 years old. Two months ago I was diagnosed with a wheat allergy but was told that I didn’t have any reaction to gluten. I did test positive to fibromyalgia. After doing my own research, I found that a lot of my triggers could be related to gluten and how gluten attacks the auto immune system within us. So I began illuminating in my diet gluten and wheat (both are equally challenging). While parts of me DO feel better, I am still struggling. I am finding more and more things I thought were ok had actually gluten/wheat in them. It is a constant challenge. So I welcome your web site. Thanks.

  • I am 47- In 2000 was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. The diagnosis has been frustrating as it never has fit. I have been getting sicker & sicker by the day. By chance I saw things on TV about food allergies and celiacs. I looked into it, shockingly Celiacs fit me so much better than Fibromyalgia and many celiacs patients are misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have been gluten free and never felt better in my life.

  • my wife has celica and i have diebetys i do all the cooking an i have made a few that are not in most books like egg plant pamajion

  • I am 26 and found out almost a year ago I have hypothyroidism (which is caused by hashimotos disease , it’s an auto immune disorder), along with a few other things. My doctor tells me that going gluten free can help me since it is good for people with an autoimmune disorder. I just really started trying recently to be 100% gluten free.

    • Hi Jules!

      Have you read the book by Dr. Mark Hyman called The Blood Sugar Solution? It addresses all of the reasons that your body does what it does through functional medical care. I was diagnosed with the same as you. This book and this gluten free fix web site has helped me tremendously! Best of luck to you!

      Melissa K. Owens

  • I have high antibodies on account of Thyroid .. the same as a lot of people on this comment trail ! Have only just realized that being gluten and soya free will help .. started on the journey and it is tough to keep trying to figure out the ingredients of your meal.
    Stumbled on this site while looking for a gluten free carrot cake .. hope to make the most of the resources here.

  • I originally went flour sugar free to lose weight. When I saw what amazing things it did for my health I convinced my daughter at age 14 to try gluten free to see if she could get some relief from her life long eczema. Within two weeks there was a noticeable difference. A year and a half later she has been diagnosed with Celiacs. We have never looked back! She has become a different child. It is hard for her to eat different then all her friends, but she has stuck with it. The longer we eat this way the better cook I am becoming!

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