Gluten Free Pancakes

I love pancakes, and making them from scratch is a major money saver.  Sure there are pre-made gf mixes on the market now, but at $3-5 a box, is it really worth the convenience? Not to mention most of them are loaded with unwanted sugar.  This batter is a cinch to throw together and tastes great.  Feel free to fold in your favorite additions:  nuts, blueberries, or chocolate chips!

Gluten Free Pancakes

  • 1/2 cup of butter, melted
  • 1/2 cup milk of choice: regular, almond, coconut
  • 4 eggs
  • 1/2 cup almond flour, packed
  • 1/4 cup coconut flour, packed
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice or apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  1. Whisk together butter and milk.
  2. Add eggs, lemon juice or acv and honey.
  3. Add flours and baking soda.
  4. Heat griddle and grease with butter or coconut oil.
  5. Drop batter and slightly spread and flatten batter.  *batter will be somewhat thick*
  6. Cook on low to medium heat, making sure they hold their shape and are cooked around the edges before attempting to flip ( if you cover them with a lid while cooking they will cook more evenly and quicker)
  7. Serve immediately. Try it with some of my homemade strawberry sauce or Coconut Caramel Sauce, which is my personal favorite :)

*recipe makes 1 dozen pancakes

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  • ok…couple of questions for you. Everywhere I find Almond flour it’s quite pricey. Have you found a cheaper source? Also, sometimes the bag says Almond Meal/Flour. Is that acceptable? How about if it just says Almond Meal? One more question…. Do you think Brown Rice Flour would work in Almond Flours place? I have the coconut flour and if Brown Rice Flour might work…I’ll make these tonight. We are having breakfast for dinner. :)

    • Hey Tammy, I have a tab on my website INGREDIENTS, that should answer your questions. I have not worked with brown rice flour, so I have no idea how it would turn out. Trader Joe’s almond meal is $3.99/per lb.

  • Found the almond meal…but decided it was past it’s prime. (will pick up a new bag at TJ) Made the recipe using brown rice flour in the place of the almond flour. Also, used earth balance for the butter and almond milk for the milk and used the honey. Delicious! Probably the best gluten free substitute I’ve had for any baked goods. :) Kristin loved them, too…and she can be a food snob.

  • These turned out great and by far are my favorite grain-free pancakes!! I really love the combination of coconut and almond flours as you get the best of both and adding the coconut saves you on the almond flour. Thanks Michelle :-)

  • I made these the other day with melted coconut oil instead of butter (we don’t do any dairy), and they still turned out great! Also omited the lemon juice since we didn’t have any and used raw goat milk and no honey. They took about 5 minutes to cook on each side and were well worth the wait. Even my husband, who is a picky pancake-eater, enjoyed them. Thanks for the great recipes!

    • Aileah,

      I’m so glad that they turned out well with the substitutions. Great information for others to know, thanks! Oh, and they do take a bit to cook, but with some patience it’s definitely worth it :)

  • The best place (and least expensive so far) to buy almond flour is at I bought 5 lbs for $28.99. Check online for coupon codes for an even better deal. :)

  • These are great. I made them without the honey, so they were savory. I used them instead of English muffins t make breakfast sandwiches for my gluten-free son. Cut up cooked sausage, tossed in with beaten eggs and I carefully formed a couple of egg scrambles about the size of my pancakes. Pancake on the bottom, egg scramble on top, a small smear of Trader Joe’s ketchup, and another pancake on top, wrapped tight. My son loved these! He has a full breakfast at home and takes these to work for a mid-morning snack – young men have such appetites! :)

    I only needed 4 pancakes for 2 sandwiches, so I covered a baking sheet with plastic wrap and ladled out the rest of the batter on it in portions the same size as the pancakes I’d just cooked and open froze them. Once frozen, they fitted nicely, stacked, in a small freezer bag. The next morning I heated a griddle and just plopped another 4 down, keeping the heat low as they melted and started frying. Worked out nicely and I’m about to do another batch!

    • P.S. The ones I made came out fine using Trader Joe’s almond meal instead of almond flour. I don’t remember how much almond meal costs, but I’m sure it’s a lot cheaper than almond flour.

    • Anna,
      That sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing, and I have used almond meal sometimes and I find there are only certain recipes where I can tell a major difference in the outcome. Reading your comment made me hungry :)

  • Hi Michelle. I absolutely love your recipes. Thank you so much for sharing them. We have been on gaps for two months and it has helped the whole family. I have a question about these pancakes. When I make them (with melted butter), once I add the cold milk and eggs, the butter solidifies and makes the batter lumpy. What am I doing wrong?


    • I take out the eggs beforehand to bring them closer to room temp, and I warm up the milk so the butter (or coconut oil) stays liquid…

  • We just recently began a Gluten Free lifestyle and Sunday Morning Pancakes was a tradition I thought was a thing of the past. I made these this morning and they were fantastic! My husband and 5 year old devoured them! They are a big hit and I am thrilled that we don’t have to end our Sunday mornings. Thanks for posting this recipe.

  • Thanks for the recipe Michelle. One question, what does the lemon juice (acv) actually do in the recipe? What is it’s purpose? To react with the baking soda for fluffiness? To react with the flours to break them down? I have seen other coconut/almond pancake recipes that do not have the acid and they turned out fine..?!

  • Hello Michelle, I am wondering, since I’m italian and I don’t know all the terminology, what does “Packed” means?

    • Hi Lucie,
      The term packed, means to push down and fit as much as possible flour into the measuring cup. Kind of like when using brown sugar in recipes.

  • I made these this morning and added blueberries after the first side set up a bit in the pan. They were yummy. The best grain free pancakes I’ve tried. Thank you!

  • I made these for breakfast – they were very good! I used all egg whites instead of the whole egg – but still came out really good! Will def be making these again!!!

    • Mandria,
      Thanks for sharing about the egg whites. That is great tip for others to know! Glad you enjoyed them.

  • Hello! I can’t wait to make these. Do you think they will freeze well if I make a double batch?

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