Part II: You picked your pumpkins, now what?

The other day I shared how fun it was for the kids to paint and decorate their pumpkins. For today I will show you more options besides traditional pumpkin carving.  I was inspired by Martha Stewart’s lace patterned pumpkins…  but let’s be realistic here, who has time to hand cut a million tiny holes into a pumpkin????  So I found a solution and although the end result is not quite as perfect or detailed as Martha’s, I was quite pleased. 

Introducing power tools….

In this picture my dear friend Jayme is drilling all different size holes for a “polka-dot” effect.  We had to ask my husband 3 times to get his drill, he thought we were joking around. (I haven’t used many tools before, so you can imagine the look on my husband’s face) But can I just say that I was done with my pumpkin in less than 10 minutes!  Crazy, right???  How is that for a time saver.  Not to mention a whole other level you can take your pumpkin designing to.  The possibilites are endless.

Again, not as perfect as Martha’s, but who can compete with Martha really??  I also started without any type of game plan, so my advice for future reference is to have a design in mind before going drill happy…. like I did…  Other ideas include spray painting fun colors, painting with chalkboard paint, stamping, stenciling, or even drawing freehand.

Get creative and have fun!  Happy Halloween!!!

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I’m still working on more pumpkin recipes, but I will post when they are blogworthy!

2 thoughts on “Part II: You picked your pumpkins, now what?”

  • ummmm…we are carving pumpkins tonight with the kids and I am DEFINITELY doing this! I saw Martha’s pumpkin designs a couple of weeks ago and really liked them…but who has the time or patience?! Thanks for the awesome idea…

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